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Chiptuning, Remapping, Map Tuning, Resoftening, Ecu Tuning. They are all ways of defining the same thing: modifying engine management software.

Chiptuning is a process of optimizing the software of the engine management unit. Various parameters such as fuel quantity or ignition timing, torque limiters, turbocharger pressure are adjusted to obtain certain benefits, such as an increase in power, reduction in consumption, repair faults or create effects such as pop & bang, launch control or hard cut limiter.


What results are obtained?

Following the remapping process, we can achieve a significant increase in power and torque:

  • STAGE1 up to 15 / 20%

  • STAGE2 up to 25 / 35%

  • STAGE3 to the mechanical limits

Also, thanks to the optimization of the operating parameters, driving in a normal mode, a reduction in fuel consumption is appreciated, and, in general, an improvement in engine performance in all respects.


ARES Performance uses the most advanced equipment 100% made in Italy, supplied by the world leader brand ALIENTECH.

In addition, the constant updating of the staff with regard to the latest techniques and technologies in the automotive world allows us to optimize the operating parameters of an engine respecting the safety limits provided by the manufacturing company. 

All this allows us to always guaranteebest results in complete safety.

Why don't companies make these changes from the start?

The answer is simple: economic and marketing decisions.

On a commercial level, the same engine will come out at different times with different powers, thus guaranteeing the House the possibility of expanding the range of its offer. This is a concept that is seen well in all modern engine ranges from all major car manufacturers.


Furthermore, on a technical level, knowing that the same engine will be used at different latitudes and with different fuel qualities, the calibration of the original ECU will necessarily have to be a compromise that guarantees the vehicle to operate with similar performance in any situation.

In the latter, overall performance is reduced, especially in Europe, to help meet increasingly stringent pollution regulations.

All these problems have a positive side: they leave a lot of room for improvement for tuning companies likeARES Performance, which have the possibility to overcome these limitations by creating a personalized mapping, perfectly adapted to the client's needs.

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