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Professionalism and experience

ECU reprogramming

With the latest technology of AlienTech KESS3 and experience from the world of competitions and auto tuning, we are able to offer remapping for every need.

Optimizing the original software, erasing errors, removing FAP and EGR, but also customized Stage 1, 2 or 3 tuning, designed and made according to the customer's needs


Decarbonization with Hydrogen

eCleaner is a device that injects hydrogen to destroy carbon deposits inside the engine: valves, combustion chamber, pistons, injectors, turbine, FAP, EGR.

Ideal for all types of engines and vehicles, it reduces polluting emissions and lowers consumption, while increasing engine performance.


H20 hybridization

ePilot use modern  immersion cell technology to turn your engine into a hydrogen hybrid that reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% and emissions by 90%

There are various models available for any type of engine and you can fit it on cars, minibuses, trucks, agricultural vehicles, heavy vehicles, boats and generators.

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